Travel Packable Tote

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This style zips into its own self-contained pouch for easy storage and packability!
Tote: 1in(2.5cm) wide top handles (Drop: 9.7in/24.5cm), without interior lining, zipper on bottom to fold into pouch
Pouch: Around zipper for compact storage once tote is folded in the exterior bottom pocket, Two exterior bottom zipper pockets, hanging loop with snap (Length: 2.8in/7cm)

- Dimension : 34.8H x 51W x 26.2D cm
  Pouch: 17.5H x 14.5W x 3.5D cm

- Style # : 3551 (3551_F939)
- Collection: Classic Collection
- Color: Heritage Raven

More About Classic Collection:
- Heritage ripstop nylon
- Durable and timeless
- Nylon trim/webbing
- Varying lining color
- Existing styles since 1974
- Logo zipper pulls