Arc En Ciel

Arc En Ciel means ‘rainbow’ – and this premium collection captures LeSportsac’s essential feeling of lightness through iconic rip-stop nylon styles in light, bright and cheerful colors, featuring premium hardware, and delightful threads of nostalgia to create a wonderfully modern and special style.

This fun and fresh collection targets discerning consumers looking for something special - be it playful, sporty, preppy or traditional – but in a fun, light and freshly on trend way – establishing a new set of icons from the iconic brand – LeSportsac.

This collection, was created through a multi-season creative partnership with our friends at Rowing Blazers and their founder Jack Carlson. Rowing Blazers weaves together an eclectic mix of influences: sport, nostalgia, travel; "prep" (whatever that means); '80s and '90s cultural tropes; Oxbridge style, and Japan's subversive take on "Ivy;" hip-hop culture and the rise of streetwear; tennis, basketball, rugby, skiing; elite and amateur athletics in all forms; the romance of exploration; and symbols, art, and archaeology - ancient and modern. These influences are the interests of Rowing Blazers’ founder, Jack Carlson - and their touch is reflected throughout this unique, limited and special collection.

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